Taking It Too Far

October 12, 2006

Okay, I admit I dont like the Bush administration but now people are saying he planned 9/11. That is taking it way to far, our government would not bomb it’s own buildings.

Here is a link for one of the skeptic sites: http://www.ny911truth.org


Myspace Sued

October 3, 2006

Sorry I havn’t posted in a while.I have been busy, I know noone ever looks at this so I don’t know why I do it but anyways…
YAY!!! Someone sued myspace!!!

Article below from: http://www.arcamax.com/newsheadlines/s-86616-253045

Myspace.com Sued:

AUSTIN, Texas (UPI) — A 14-year-old Texas girl has filed a $30 million law suit against MySpace.com, claiming she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the Internet site.


The petition filed by the girl and her mother in Austin, Texas, alleges MySpace.com fails to protect minors from adult sexual predators, reports the Austin American-Statesman. It alleged the site does not require users to verify their age and that its security measures to prevent strangers from contacting users younger than 16 are “utterly ineffective.” The suit also names the 19-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting the girl.

Hemanshu Nigam, chief security officer for MySpace.com, said in a written statement: “We take aggressive measures to protect our members. We encourage everyone on the Internet to engage in smart Web practices and have open family dialogue about how to apply offline lessons in the online world.”

Copyright 2006 by United Press International


President Sells Ports to Dubi

April 12, 2006

I can't believe it! Our wonderful president sold out ports to Dubi (a muslim- supporting country) And he "didn't know" about the four billion dollar transaction. But, we were finally able to procure our ports back. The link Below should direct you to the DP Press Statement about the issue.



Chef Quits “South Park”

March 17, 2006

Alright, Chef, off the hit comedy series “South Park” has decided to quit. Click here to see an AOL Article on This Matter Isaac Hayes (who playes Chef) Said that his “morals” wouldnt let him insult a religon. This religon just happens to be, Scientology. This really made me mad because of the fact that “South Park” has insulted so many other religons and ethnics, what stops thwm from insulting this one? Well, I figured this out, Isaac Hayes religon is Scientology therefore, he does not want to insult it. But if you dont like it, dont watch it. A warning before the show airs clearly states the following: “All charactors and events in this show–even those based on real people are entirely fictional. All celeberty voices are imporsonated….poorly. The following program contains language and due to it’s content should not be viewed by anyone”. How simple can it be???


MySpace “Stalkers”

February 17, 2006

I was watching 2020 and moms and dads are all worried about their kids posting their personal info on the online service called MySpace ok, first of all if you even suspect your kid is dumb enough to put their personal info in a public registry, you are a failure as a parent. Secondly, kids post their schedules where they are and what they're names are… I consider this stupidity. So, if a guy shows up knocking on your door, you will know why.


Another Terrorist Attack?

February 3, 2006

Supposodly another terriorist attack is approaching. I have a question. How the hell is Osoma or however you spell it gonna get a plane in the air? He sent out a tape saying that there would be another. In my opinion, this is not possible…



February 2, 2006

K all you freaks that are all on about abortion it's not your baby so, shut the hell up PLEASE! If somebody wants to kill their baby let them for God sake!!! And you blame society for kids in foster homes.